Monday, July 18, 2005

Gruelsome Monday

I was reminded again today why my lifelihood is no better than those of my immigrant parents or the feudal-age forefathers. Despite the seemingly more "advanced" lifestyle and the comparative magnitude of income and consumption, my level of stress and anguish is probably no better than the grief of the oppressed peasant or the anxiety of the adjusting immigrant.

I woke up at 3:45 am today, as I do almost every Monday. Yes, I could have slept a whole half hour longer if I could manage to get ready in less time than my usual 1 1/4 hours. So I can't. I have accepted that. Getting ready in the morning should be separate rant I'll do another time. Meeting my goal of leaving the house before 5 am was only the second anxiety point. The first was wondering what I might have forgotten to pack for my 4-day trip.

By the time I pull out of the driveway and be on my way to the airport, it's almost daylight on this hot summer day. With a couple of colleagues I have picked up on the way, we battle Monday morning traffic quietly for a good half hour before we arrive at the airport. The daily lot was nearly full on my usual floor, so I was surprised to find a desirable spot on row 3D. With my backpack stacked on top of my roller bag, I marched into the pool of Southwest check-in machines to reprint my boarding pass because my home printer was out of ink. I have lost count of my anxiety points and stress points, at this point.

The security line was not so bad this morning. I have gotten used to the routine now, knowing exactly which line to aim for, and when during the line to take off my shoes and laptop, to feed the conveyor belt entering the x-ray scanners, with everything else I was lugging. It's utterly silly how a failed shoe bombing 3 years ago has changed how we fly today. Nevertheless, there was countless anxiety points in the process.

Even though my flight has always been boarding through the same gate for the past 2 months, there's the anxiety of looking up the monitor to locate the information. The next anxiety point is the restroom stop just before the flight.

By the time I boarded the plane after joining the end of the A line, I was ready to continue with part 3 of my sleep. (Part 1 was before midnight. At midnight I needed to check-in online. Part 2 was between 12:15 and 3:45). Sleep is precious, and an hour sleep at this time was much welcomed and well savored. Am I no different than a war refugee fleeing the Japanese during WW2?

Deplaning was orderly but highly stressful, as we pretend to be civil in letting people through, while rushing to get to the car rental counter first. Unlike 2 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be the first in line at the fast lane. So there was plenty of unnecessary anxiety points here. Leaving the airport, we join the busy rush hour traffic on the edge of this huge metropolis for another stressful half hour.

By the time we arrived at Starbucks before reaching the project site, it was 8:40 am and we were ready for whatever fresh coffee of the day they were serving. The anxiety point is whether the decaf Verona was freshly brewed. A grande and a pastry later, we grudgingly headed to our destination. It's been quite a morning, but the day has only just begun.

By 9:00 am, we were at our desks and ready to start the week!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

It's Saturday and my last load of laundry is drying.

Dropped by Borders and saw people collecting their Harry Porter book, but there wasn't a line. Has the craze fazed? It's too much work to read anyway.

Lunch was a wonderful chicken scallopine from Macroni Grill with a whole loaf of fresh bread - carb heaven. The heat was too much so I did the take-out routine and savored the whole thing at home. Hate to tip anyway. The high today is 105, so it's scorching out there.

The heat is a great excuse for not going out and for not working out. Plus I am shamefully in pain and want it to go over... it will pass, just give it another week. They say once you get it, it sticks to you. If only humankind could invent a cure. Then we can fix common cold too.

Now, that's digressing. I need to collect my clothes before they burn.....

Ageless & Timeless

I may sound really confused but I am not. Even if I am, I need to leave my mark. It seems that everyone else does. The state of mind allows me to project the agelessness and timelessness, but it's really only that... a state of mind. I think I have proved the point that I am really confused.

Hey, what else could I write on my first blog.